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Provision of Training for Small Stock Production

Provision of Training for Small Stock Production

Smallstock Section provides technical advice to the farming community on all aspects of sheep and goat production, development and management. This is done through breed improvement, farmer education and improvement in smallstock infrastructure to enable farmers to sell their produce to improve their standards of living. The Section acts as a link between research and the farming community. In addition, it liaises with the Department of Agricultural Research on topics to be researched on and disseminates research results on smallstock production.

Smallstock guideline

 Basic Requirements

·         A reliable water source such as a borehole or a dam is required. A mature sheep/goat requires 3-5 liters of water per day.


·         For ranching purposes each mature animal and its followers require 2 hectares of land for grazing/browsing in eastern Botswana and 3 hectares for the western part.


·         Handling facilities such as Kraals, crush, dip tank and storeroom will require about half a hectare.


·         Choice of breeds or breed type will be influenced by the geographic location of the project as some breeds such as the Boer goat and Dorper are known to perform poorly in the eastern parts of Botswana mainly due to heartwater disease. Applicants should consider consider starting with indigenous stock and upgrade them with exotic breeds.


·         The market should be surveyed before embarking on a project to know where the products will be sold


·         Capital is needed to finance the project. Therefore different financial institutions such as Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA), National Development Bank (NDB) and commercial banks may be approached for loans.


·         Labour is critical for the success of the project. As a consequence, the manager of the enterprise should preferably have basic training on smallstock management. Two herdsmen would be handy while casual labourers would be required during the lambing/kidding period.


·         Transport is required to ferry various items and stock in the establishment of the project and for marketing. Therefore, applicants should consider hiring transport if own transport cannot be affordedConsider hiring if own transport cannot be afforded.



Table 1 shows equipments used for management of smallstock.

Parent Stock: 200 does/ewes and bucks/rams at a ratio of 1:30 females.

Table 1 Equipment for management



Feeding troughs                                                                                      


Water troughs                                                                                         


Burdizzo (small stock)                                                                             




Syringe (metal)                                                                                       


Ear tag applicator                                                                                   


Hoof cutter (small stock)                                                                         


Automatic dosing gun                                                                         


Dip tank and handling facilities





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