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 Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development (LIMID) Programme

LIMID is one of the main agricultural support programmes and is comprises animal husbandry and fodder support, water development, cooperative poultry abattoirs for small-scale poultry producers, smallstock, guinea fowl and Tswana chickens. This support programme is available to Botswana citizens only.


Ø  Promote food security through improved productivity of livestock (cattle and small stock);

Ø  Improve livestock management;

Ø  Improve range resource utilization and conservation;

Ø  Eradicate destitution by providing resources to the poor;

Ø  Provide infrastructure for safe and hygienic processing of poultry products.


Service description

LIMID assists farmers to buy the following packages to improve their living standards and also to improve the management of their livestock.

Components of project

LIMID comprises two components:

1.    Resource-poor; and

2.    Infrastructure development



Ø  Small stock support (sheep and goats)

Ø  Guinea fowl

Ø  Tswana chickens

Ø   Poultry abattoirs


Infrastructure development

Ø  Dip tanks

Ø  Spray races

Ø  Chaff cutters/ fodder processor

Ø  Kraals, Crushes and Loading ramps

Ø  Fodder bar

Ø  Borehole/Well equipping

Ø  Borehole/well purchase

Ø  Borehole/Well drilling

Ø  Water reticulation




How do I obtain service?


Contact the nearest Animal production/Veterinary office. Application forms are there and help is available on how to fill the forms.


How do I apply for the service?


Forms are available at the nearest Department of Animal Production/Veterinary Services.


Application requirements

Ø  Applicant should be 18 years old and copy of Omang (Valid);

Ø  Cattle or goats / sheep ownership;

Ø  Copy of Land Board certificates for plots (Guinea fowl and Tswana chickens);

Ø  Copy of Land Board certificate for boreholes( equipping, purchase and reticulation);

Ø  Copy of registered cattle brand;

Ø  Groups must have constitution or fill partnership agreement form;

Ø  Provide quotations;

Ø  State current livestock numbers as verified by extension agents;


Where can I get more information?


For more information contact Mr. Thutwa and Ms. Ntesang

Postal address                                                        Physical Address                                                                                                      

Department of Animal Production                                    Ministry of Agriculture (Headquarters)

Private Bag 0032                                                     1st Floor Office no. 153

Gaborone                                                                  Plot 4701 Mmaraka Road

Tel; (267) 368 9180                                                Gaborone



Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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