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Department of Animal Production
The core functions of the Department include:

The core functions of the Department include:

  • training farmers on good management practices, transfer of technologies, marketing strategies and livestock production systems;
  • encouraging youth, women and resource poor persons to venture into rabbits, poultry (guinea fowls and chickens), pigs, dairy, beef and smallstock (sheep and goats) production;
  • encouraging citizens to start projects on ostriches and equines;
  • facilitating and implement livestock support schemes to increase production and reduce poverty among poor members of the society, youth and HIV/AIDS affected persons;
  • encouraging establishment of commodity associations including Botswana Ostrich Farmers Association (BOFA), Botswana Pig Producers Association (BPPA), Botswana Poultry Association (BPA), National Dairy Association of Botswana (NDAB), Botswana Smallstock Association (BSA) and Botswana Cattle Producers Association (BCPA);
  • facilitating improvement of the national cattle herd using AI;
  • facilitating development of artisan tanners and leather manufacturers; and
  • facilitating demarcation and development of farms (ranches) to improve management of livestock and sustainable use of range resources.
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