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Textile & Clothing Industry Development Programme (TCIDP)
Background of Textile & Clothing Industry Development Programme (TCIDP)

The TCIDP is aimed at assisting the textile and clothing manufacturing industry in the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) region to obtain optimal efficiency of international standards and is administered through Duty Credit Certificates (DCCs). The DCCs are used to rebate manufacturers for the imported production inputs like yarn and fabrics. DCCs are used to offset duties charged to inputs procured outside the SACU area and are only tradable between manufacturers. It is an export biased programme that rewards manufacturers for exportation and promotes the technical efficiency of the industry. 


There are 12 registered beneficiaries of this programme. The majority produces clothing and most are based in Gaborone, with some in Francistown, Selibe –Phikwe and one in Molepolole. Most of the companies are now dormant, with only about seven actively using the scheme. The beneficiaries are monitored twice annually to ascertain adherence to the scheme`s Rules and Procedures and consult on other issues concerning the programme..


 A manufacturer participating in TCIDP can be a company, a close corporation, a partnership or a sole proprietor. Applications are only considered from manufacturers who qualify for participation in the TCIDP.
This is dependent on the export product of the manufacturer.  Table below illustrates the product categories.
Clothing 25%
Household Textiles 17.5%
Fabric 12.5%
Yarn 8%

• The SACU secretariat has appointed Gherzi Textile Organization to undertake a study to develop a long term strategy for the SACU Textile and Clothing Sector. The SACU textile and clothing industry is facing challenges, compounded by the current global economic crisis.
• The member states are awaiting the gazzettment of the new extension period (01.04.09 to 31.03.2010
• Forms are available from the Department of Industrial Affairs
• TCIDP beneficiaries have forms in soft copies and hard copies


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