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Rebate item 470.03

Rebate item 470.03 is a SACU Industrial incentive programme which covers all goods produced exclusively for export outside SACU. Registered companies are exempted from duty on raw materials subject to finished goods exported outside SACU. A rebate of duty is granted on components and materials for use in the manufacture, processing, finishing, equipping or packing of goods exclusively for export.
The applicant must register with Botswana Unified Revenue Services (BURS) as a user of the rebate item. The applicant can thereafter submit the completed application to the Department of Industrial affairs. The following are requirements for processing Rebate 470.03

1) Renewal  form
2) Reconciliation form
3)  BURS registration certificate
4) List of raw materials registered by BURS under Rebate 470.03

Rebate Item 405.04

Under this facility, a rebate of duty is granted on goods (excluding motor vehicles) designed for use by persons with physical or mental defects/ disability. The following are requirements for processing Rebate 405.00

1) The application form
Copy of the organizational constitution

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