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Manufacturing Activities Reserved for Citizen Companies
Activities Reserved for Citizens and Citizen Owned Companies

In order to encourage citizen economic empowerment and the development of citizen businesses, the following economic activities are reserved for Citizens and Citizen owned Enterprises:

1)         Manufacture of school uniform

2)         Manufacture of school furniture

3)         Manufacture of burglar bars

4)         Manufacture of protective clothing

5)         Milling of sorghum

6)         Manufacture of cement bricks and baked earth (mud) bricks

7)         Baking of bread and confectionery

8)         Manufacture of peanut butter

9)         Preservation of food using traditional methods

10)       Production of sour milk using traditional methods

11)       Packaging

12)       Manufacture of floor polish

13)       Manufacture of leather products using traditional methods

14)       Manufacture of crafts using traditional methods

15)       Signage, including electronic signage

16)       Fencing material excluding gum poles

17)       Manufacture of candles

18)       Ice making

19)       Meat processing

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