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Support for Existing Small & Medium
Targeted Support

A number of constraints have been identified as impeding the growth of SMMEs in Botswana and these include lack of a conducive regulatory environment, access to finance, entrepreneurial skills, business start-up training and marketing skills. These need to be alleviated through the provision of targeted support measures.

The Agency provides business training programmes and mentoring and counselling services through the engagement of qualified consultants in the areas of basic business management, marketing and record keeping countrywide.

Technical skills training support and advisory services are also provided simultaneously with these other programmes.

Training programmes cover a period of one week and costs are met by the Agency, which in turn requires a nominal contribution from the clients.

Mentoring and counselling services are provided at hourly rates and are intended to address specific areas where entrepreneurs experience problems.

Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA)

The Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) provides a holistic approach to the development and promotion of viable sustainable citizen-owned enterprises. This is done through the provision of financial assistance in the form of loans at subsidised interest rates, and back-up business training and mentoring services to enhance the sustainability of these enterprises.

CEDA lends from P500 to P150 000 at 5% interest per annum payable over a period of five (5) years for the small scale category of enterprises.

CEDA lends from P150 001 to P2 million at 7.5% interest per annum payable over a period of 7 years for medium scale enterprises.

A Venture Capital fund has recently been established that is intended to facilitate funding of projects that could be both locally and foreign owned.

Botswana Textile and Small Business Owners Association (BOTSBOA)

BOTSBOA was established to create a voice for the small and micro citizen enterprises from various sectors of the economy. Its function is also:

  • To develop business linkages between small, medium and large scale entrepreneurs to further entrepreneurial development and growth.
  • To create opportunities for members of the association to interact with Government and other organisations and to facilitate the benefit from Government programmes and incentives.
  • To facilitate bulk buying of raw materials for the members to reduce the costs through buying for the association.

Membership to BOTSBOA is open to small and medium scale entrepreneurs of all sectors i.e. small business owners.

Botswana Innovation Hub

The premises of BIH will be designed based on four main principles: orientation to high-tech customers, flexibility, ample common-use premises/shared facilities and use of environmentally-friendly technologies. For large companies, BIH will offer tailor-made solutions, with high standards of security and data connections. Smaller companies can enjoy high quality flexible premises that will match their development needs.

BIH services are being designed to support tenants' competitiveness by allowing them to concentrate on their core business. All services will be offered through the BIH Management and will include:

  • Advanced telecommunications infrastructure and services
  • Modern and fully equipped meeting and conference facilities
  • Human Resources services
  • Reception and helpdesk
  • Professional facilities management, security and access control
  • Telephone, cleaning, mail, cafeteria & catering.
  • Additional services as furniture leasing, removal services, travel services, transportation, shipping agent, courier services, short-term legal advisory services.

BIH will regularly develop a range of services based on companies' needs and feedback.

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