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Information for Exporters
Export Promotion

These are activities that BEDIA (Botswana export development and investment authority) undertakes with the intent of facilitating foreign market access for Botswana manufacturers. It includes contact promotion missions, trade fairs, publicity campaigns and facilitating contacts with overseas customers.

Contact Promotion

This is a BEDIA initiative where a market with potential buyers for local products is selected, and interested local manufacturing (including value adding, or agents for local manufacturers) companies invited to embark on a buyer-seller pre-arranged one on one meetings.. The advantage of this intervention is that the manufacturer can demonstrate their product on one-on-one with the buyer and facilitates quick decision making with regard to concluding an order.

Trade Fairs

Trade fairs in foreign markets which can provide a conducive business networking environment for local companies are identified. Then companies will be invited to express their interest and participate in these fairs, and BEDIA will incur the cost of the exhibition space and transport of the exhibits to and from the fair.

Facilitating Contacts

BEDIA from time to time facilitates contact between buyers and sellers in the same industries. Where local companies need information about potential buyers in foreign markets, BEDIA will make contact with other Trade Promotion Agencies in other countries to assist local companies get in touch with buyers in that particular market.

Export Development

BEDIA, through its Export Development Department is identifying market outlets of locally manufactured products, with a major strategic focus on seeking and promoting products that are suitable to enter the export market. This is done through identifying and researching new markets to facilitate targeted export promotion aimed at selected buyers, including investigation of opportunities in markets that have trade agreements with Botswana, so as to maximize benefits.

The following are some of the activities with regards to the development of the local manufacturers and exporters:

  • Participating in overseas trade fairs and exhibitions.
  • Timely and efficient services to overseas buyers in vendor identification, drawing itineraries, fixing appointments and other support services.
  • Assisting Botswana companies in product development and adaptation to meet buyers' requirements.
  • Organizing Buyer-Seller meetings with a view to bringing buyers and sellers together.
  • Organizing seminars/conferences/workshops on trade-related subjects
  • Developing local manufacturers to be reach export readiness standard
  • Conducting market surveys on regional and international markets in collaboration with the Research Department.
  • Dissemination of export promotion information to local manufacturers
  • Organizing Botswana's premier business to business exhibition trading as Global Expo Botswana.
Annual Global Expo-Botswana

Annual Global Expo Botswana is the country's premier business-to-business exhibition, hosted and managed by BEDIA. The objectives of the expo are:

  • Attract Foreign Direct investment
  • Promote joint venture opportunities between citizens and foreign investors
  • Stimulate a culture of entrepreneurships locally
  • Promote exports of locally-produced goods
  • Promote access to the Botswana market for international
  • Value-addition for exhibitors
  • Networking Opportunities:
  • Investment forum
  • Workshops
  • Buyer/seller meetings
  • Free business invitations for clients and potential clients.
  • Exhibitors will benefit from the world wide marketing & advertising campaign undertaken by Global Expo Botswana organizers.
  • Market Access
  • Potential access to the SACU market of around 50 million inhabitants
  • Potential access to SADC market of around 200 million inhabitants
  • GDP per capital of USD 4828 at current prices as per Bank of Botswana Annual Report 2006
  • Tap into Botswana's import bill of around USD 5 billion.

As the organizers of Global Expo Botswana, Botswana Export of Development and Investment Authority (BEDIA), Botswana's national investment and trade promotion organization, is well-positioned to network with counterpart agencies and other local and international stakeholders to ensure the objectives of the exhibition are realized.

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