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Exporters FAQ
How can the exporter determine if the chosen product will fare successfully in the target market?

Selecting the right export commodity is crucial for success in the export business. To do this, the exporter should consider the following factors:

  • Export/Import Trends- To analyse trends in international trade for a particular product, the export should make use of publications and contact organisations. This will provide the exporter with information required to plan the marketing strategy.
  • Target Markets- The product should not only have a stable, but a rising demand in the target market. This can be determined through a study of demographic factors and sound market research.
  • Trade Restrictions- Products selected for export should conform to Botswana’s export regulations. Such regulations can be obtained from the department of Customs and Exercise.
  • Product Adaptability- To ensure the success of a product in foreign markets, it may be necessary to adapt the product to satisfy export market needs. The exporting firm should determine if the product requires change in colour, size, taste, packaging, language, etc.
  • Supply Base- It is essential to have a regular and reliable supply base of raw material to ensure that the product or service can be produced to meet customer needs.
  • Manufacturing Capacity- The exporter should ensure that his/her manufacturing capacity is sufficient to meet dispatch and freight deadlines.
  • Servicing- If the exported product or service requires an after sales service, the exporter may have to consider opening a servicing centre abroad or find a distributor/agent that can provide servicing facilities. If the exporter does not have the financial or technical ability to provide this service, the product may not be suitable for export.
Where can Exporters find market reports for specific markets?

The International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO in Geneva monitors major markets for fresh fruits and vegetables, cut flowers, tropical and ornamental plants, common spices, raw and semi-tanned hides and skins, bulk packed fruit juices, rice and selected pharmaceuticals raw materials. Depending on the product group, the Market News Service (MNS) provides up to the minute information concerning actual prices paid for specific products, supply and demand and other economic information that may have an effect on the market situation. MNS Subscribers can receive this information via electronic mail, telefax, or airmail. The Trade Information Dissemination Unit also prepares market briefs on the market potential for products in a specific country (e.g, the market for t-shirts in the European Union). The brief reports detail import and export rates, consumer preferences, duty rates and other market access information, prices, sales promotions, distribution techniques, commercial practices, market opportunities and useful contacts.

Where can Botswana Exporters obtain import duties of different countries?

Customs Tarrif can be accessed at www.worldtarrif.com Botswana exporters will be able to obtain import duties by visiting the websites of member countries of the World Customs Organization and the websites of the international agencies that are linked to the organization's site. Every customs department in the world is listed (with a hyperlink) on the organization's web site. Import requirements can be found on each respectful countries website. For more detailed information on this you can purchase “Trade Secrets- The Export Answer Book for Small and Medium-Sized Exporters in Botswana” at:

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