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Visa & Residence Applications
Requirement for visa application

Applications for visa to enter the republic of Botswana should include the following;

  1. Fully completed immigration supplementary form d;
  2. Certified copies of passport biodata pages
  3. Two identical recent passport size photographs (with owner’s name at the back)
  4. Covering letter from the host
  5. A certified copy of host’s national identity/residence permit/exemption certificate/naturalization certificate
  6. A non refundable fee of p500 per application


  1. Sworn statement from the host
  2. Return visa or residence permit from the country of residence
  3. Business profile if coming to establish a business
  4. A copy of hotel/lodge bookings
  5. Personal appearance of the host to fill an affidavit
  6. Certified copies of certified marriage and birth certificates
  7. Certified copies of certificate for religious leaders


Waiver from the department of labour and social  security or copies of work and residence permits


  1. Tourist plan
  2. Confirmation of bookings at hotels/lodges
  3. Copy of travel schedule

For Download Application please visit MLHA Forms

Requirement for Permanent Residence


1.      Form 21, duly completed and signed by the applicant

2.      Fee of P500.00 non-refundable

3.      Two recent coloured passport sized photographs of the applicant (not computer photos)

4.      If married, include the following:-

            a.      Certified copy of marriage certificate

            b.      Certified copy birth certificate for children

5.      Certified copy of Residence permit/Exemption certificate valid for at least not less  than 3 months

6.      Valid and certified copies of:-

            a.      valuation of shares

            b.      share certificate

            c.      certificate of incorporation

            d.      list of directors (form 2)

            e.      financial statement (current)

            f.        title deed/lease agreement

            g.      trading license

7.      Wages record sheet of employees and it should indicate the duration of   employment

8.      Certified copies of identity cards for citizen employees

9.      Covering letter from the applicant

10.  Certified copies of the Passport.

The applicant must have resided in the country for a period of ten years or beyond

NB:  Please study the application carefully and ensure that all the    

Requirements are provided to avoid delays in processing.

For Download Application please visit MLHA Forms

Requirement for Residence Permit

Required documents – residence permit applications

  1. No application shall be accepted without the necessary requirements.
  2. Form 16 must be completed and signed by the applicant.
  3. Labour related applications must be accompanied by Labour Form 1A or 1B.    
  4. Immigration Declaration Form I should be completed by the applicant on arrival.

Fresh Business

  1. Form 15
  2. Form 3 for the applicant spouse and children
  3. Marriage Certificate if the applicant is married and wants to include the spouse in his/her application
  4. Two recent coloured passport size photographs for the applicant spouse and children (not computer photos)
  5. Certified birth certificate or affidavit in place of birth certificate
  6. Labour Form 1A
  7. P500.00
For Download Application please visit MLHA Forms
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