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Workers Compensation
Steps and Required Documents

This act provides for compensation of workers for injuries suffered or occupational diseases contracted in the course of employment, or for death resulting from such injuries or diseases and for matters incidental and connected to the foregoing.

  • When a worker gets injured or contracts a work related disease he or she must report the injury or the disease to his or her employer immediately or within 10 days of incurring such.
  • Where a worker has given such notice the employer should have him or her examined by a medical practitioner named by the employer.
  • The employer should report the injury to the Department of Labour within 17 days by completing the prescribed form (BL form 43/10)
  • Application for workers compensation has to be made to the nearest Labour office within 12 months from the date the injury was incurred.

Necessary Documents

  • Forms

            o        BL Form 43/02: Wages of worker – completed by employer

            o        BL Form 43/03: Medical Examination report - completed by a medical doctor

            o        BL Form 43/07: Certificate of insurance - completed by the employer’s insurer (not applicable)

            o        BL Form 43/11: Notification of time and place of attendance by medical practitioner -completed by the employer.

  • Letters

            o        Covering letter from the employer confirming injury or savingram in the case of government employees.

            o        Employee’s (claimant) statement of injury

            o        2 witnesses’ statements (1 copy each)

  • Road Traffic Accident Whilst on Duty (In addition to the above)

            o        Police report

            o        Claimant’s sworn statement

            o        2 witnesses sworn statements (1 copy each)

  • Death or Fatal Cases (In addition to the above)

            o        Post-mortem report

            o        Death certificate

            o        BL FORM 43/03 Medical Examination

Compensation for Government Employees
  • Compensation forms are submitted to any of our District Labour Offices (In case of Gaborone and surrounding areas forms are submitted to Labour Head – office)
  • The forms are checked and if the employee qualifies for workers compensation, they are then sent to Labour Head office to be processed for payment.
  • At head office they are assessed and payment processed (within 30 days).
  • After processing payment, cheques are disbursed from head office to claimants or depending on the location of claimant, sent to district offices for payment.
Compensation for Private Sector Employees
  • Workers Compensation forms are submitted to the nearest District Labour Office or Head office in case of employees working in and around Gaborone.
  • The forms are checked assessed and determinations made.
  • If the employee qualifies for compensation, BL form 43/04B (or BL form 43/04A in case of fatal) indicating the amount of compensation payable is then sent to the employer.
  • The employer has to present this form to his Insurer (Insurance Company) to claim the worker’s compensation.
  • Payment from the employer’s insurance is sent to us through the employer.
  • The worker is then informed of such and collects payment from our office.
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