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New food product hits shelves
You are what you eat

By Tefo Nombolo

GABORONE - A local company last week launched a new food product called Botswana Nutritional Mix (Bonutrix)
According to Kelosika Products general manager, Mr Bill Tomlinson, Bonutrix was designed to cater for all groups of people.

They also produce Swell, which is for children up to five years while the Kiddo package is for children between six and 14 years.
Prime formula is for older children and adults.
The formula is also recommended for expectant and nursing mothers.
There is also Bonutrix RUSF which is meant for clinics and hospitals and the product has been supplied to the institutions free of charge.
The formula has also found its way to some public schools.
"Bonutrix is a highly nutrient dense spread and should be consumed as part of a diet.
It can be eaten by itself so long as it is balanced with starches either before or after dinner," said Mr Tomlinson

However, he cautioned against consumption of Bonutrix by people allergic to milk and peanut as well as those with intolerance for lactose and children less than three months old. BOPA

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